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Integrated Scheduling, Documentation, Billing and Marketing in ONE Product.

Big savings: You only pay for licensed providers. No charge for front desk and billing staff.

Seamless integration of scheduling, billing and clearing house services in one system.


    1. Integrated Billing, Scheduling and Clearing House Software

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      How would you like to make things easier for your front desk and biller so that the insurance companies pay you more, faster by this time tomorrow?

      What if the patient came in, and your front desk was able to check insurance eligibility online in seconds, create a patient record and schedule the patient without having to type in all the patients information?

      What if the clinician clicked a button, and completed the documentation with a combination of voice recognition and point and click tools to complete the note?

      And what if your biller was able to create and scrub the claim before the patient left the clinic... all with the click of a few buttons?

      What if you could use a PC, Mac, iPad or Android device with nothing to install and no equipment, other than a computer with an internet connection?

      With In Touch Biller Pro, you can. You are about to discover why practices across the country are switching over to this simple, intuitive software to create claims, manage denials and get paid.

    2. Unmatched Scheduling Capabilities

      In Touch Biller Pro is optimized for fast patient scheduling.

      • Appointment search quickly match patient appointment requests with the provider's calendar. Switch appointments with a simple drag and drop.
      • Schedule multiple resources for the same appointment time, ex. Provider + Massage therapy.
      • Customizable color-coding for appointment types and preferences.
      • Automated appointment reminders via text, SMS and email reminders


    3. Astounding Leaps in Technology... at your Fingertips

      The technology behind In Touch Biller Pro was used to bill out over 21 million claims and over $1 billion in revenue in the past 12 months alone.

      In Touch Biller Pro is a powerful new web-based technology that brings together all the missing pieces you've always wanted, but never had as a private practice.

      It will forever change the way you and your biller verify patient eligibility, bill insurance companies, collect payments, run reports and create patient statements.

      It will significantly shorten the revenue cycle in your practice so that your biller can help you get paid more, faster with fewer denials.

      In Touch Biller Pro makes claim submissions fast, simple and easy with:

      • Instant online eligibility verification which can save your front desk or biller the trouble of having to make a phone call to verify eligibility in many cases
      • Automatic posting of ERAs - one click can save you and your billing staff hours of effort and speed up your revenue cycle
      • Prefilled patient claims as soon as the patient is scheduled which eliminates the time and error involved in manual data entry
      • Claim cleanser technology to minimize denials
      • Automatic batch claim creation - every claim created is automatically added to a batch and the entire batch is always submitted at the end of the day.
      • Submission of of PQRS measures, Functional Limitation G codes and Compliance with CCI edits
      • Tracking of authorized visits and missed charges
      • Automatic transmission of claim information from our sister product, In Touch EMR to In Touch Biller Pro
      • Denial management allows you to to mark the claim for appeal, edit and resend the claim to the payer.

      In short, In Touch Biller Pro empowers the biller, one of the most important people in your practice, to submit claims, manage denials and maximize your cash flow.

    4. Stunning Insight for your Practice

      As technology becomes more complex, In Touch EMR's core strength of knowing how to make sophisticated financial metrics easy to understand is an unprecedented advantage for your practice.

      You get an incredible amount of insight with vivid pie charts and graphs, color coded and drilled down by patient, provider, payer, ICD codes, CPT codes to simplify complex data. You control who sees what with our advanced user rights feature. Gain insight into -

      • Performance benchmarking
      • Instructive visualizations – charts and graphs
      • Customizable and displayed in Excel format
      • Track AR, Revenue, Payer Performance and hundreds more
      • Set report templates and either run a report real-time or create a customized reporting schedule. With scheduled reporting we will deliver the reports to you regularly just when you need them and more..
    5. The Power of Pre-programmed Rules

      It's hard to keep up with changes in billing and coding, because formats change, codes change, payer rules change – we help you keep up because falling behind means lost revenue.

      Now picture this...

      Each and every month, the software updates automatically, allowing the biller to keep up with the complex, ever changing world of coding, modifiers and billing.

      You get to manage and create payer rules with thousands of built-in edits. You have the protection of 5010 compliance and ICD10 codes already built-in.